Monday, August 3, 2009

The award winning beer...

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This is the award winning beer--the first time I've seen the label

A friend sent me a link to this photo on Twitpic today. I don't actually have any bottles with the label on them--the ones the brewery sent me to taste were hand written--even more rare, I guess. But this is pretty cool. They also made tap handle(s?) that will be used at Gillette Stadium.

For those who are wondering, the beer will not be in general distribution, unlike the Long Shot competition winners. This competition is only open to folks in the Northeast, and the beer will only be served at Gillette Stadium (or at my house). At Gillette, it will only be served in the Samuel Adams Brewhaus on the first level concourse. Luckily, I have seats on that VERY SAME level, so I can get down there to drink my beer!

The beer wil debut at Gillette on August 20, 2009 at the first home pre-season game, and it will be there for the rest of the season! So, all you stout lovers, head to Gillette: beg borrow or steal Pats tix. Here's a hint for you: pre-season tickets are the easiest to come by (some folks sell them for less than face value), and spending a nice summery evening sitting in the stands and enjoying a game that doesn't count (unless you are on the field trying to win a job) and savoring a craft beer is a pretty nice experience!

I hope to see you there!


  1. I had some at the AHA rally last week at the Sam Adams brewery. Rich, roasty with moderate sweetness, slightly grainy. Very dark with a thick tannish head. Can you say breakfast beer?

  2. Do you get to drink it for free at the game??? I am thinking you would be loved fan if you and your gang of friends were drinking for free.
    Since it is oatmeal can one drink it for beer?? It can't be worse than the poptart I eat...

  3. Even if Sam's lets me drink my beer for free (and I think they will), that won't entitle me to buy it for others. Hopefully my "gang" will like me even I am not supplying them with free beer!

    I assume your second question was whether you can drink it for "breakfast", not for "beer". The name I submitted it to the competition under was "Maple Ave Breakfast Stout", so maybe that answers your question.... :-)