Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Season Opener at Gillette: Patriot Oatmeal Stout sold out before halftime!

Oh, and the Patriots beat the Bills, 25-24!  What a game! 

My friend Craig was chiding me all evening (including the 2.5 hour ride down in miserable traffic) about how this season going to Gillette is less about the Pats than the Stout, and I guess to some degree it is true.  At any rate, my arrival routine has changed so that instead of heading left up the ramp toward my seats, I now head right, and up the stairs for my beer!  So it is a good thing, because Craig and I got our Patriot Oatmeal Stout just as the game started.  JL from the Patriots organization told me Max Lane was going to be at the Sam Adams Brewhouse at the half, so I figured I'd get his autograph and another Stout, but NO!  When we got there, there were no white tap handles to be seen!  The guy in front of me was looking for Stout too, but the woman behind the counter told us they had sold out!

OK, Boston Beer Co., the gauntlet is thrown!  Let's see how much Patriot Oatmeal Stout we thirsty Patriots fans will drink at a game!

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