Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brewing my beer at Sam Adams - Part 2

Though the official debut of the beer is August 20, the Oatmeal Stout was on draft the night of July 30th for the AHA rally. So, while the AHA folks were doing the brewery tour, I was out in the Biergarten having beer and cheese with some press invited by the folks from Boston Beer Co.

In this picture (clockwise from left), that's me in the blue, Katie from Boston Beer,Gail Ciampa from the Providence Journal (a judge in the contest), and a friend of Gail's.

My friend Bert Bingle (on the right, below) from Brew Free or Die also came by, and met Bert the brewer!

It was a great evening, and the first time I had the finished product as brewed by Sam Adams. They did a fantastic job converting the beer to their system and scaling it up (Bert and I still need to have a conversation on what the considerations were). I was very proud to have my beer served there and enjoyed by all the attendees--they even drank one of the kegs dry!

Next stop-Foxboro!

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