Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hola brewing brothers and sisters!

It is about a month since I brewed the three beers, so I thought I would post the outcomes.
  • Stone IPA clone: It has been in the keg for about two weeks and initially clogged the dip tube with hop particles.  After I cleaned out the tube, I've drunk several glasses, and the hop particles seem to be almost gone and it is clearing nicely.  The hop flavor is strong, as you would expect, and it is quite clean! I think this one is a winner.  Next time, I will dry hop using  a hop bag to reduce the particulates!
  • Patriot Oatmeal Stout (or Maple Ave Breakfast Stout, if you prefer): Also in the keg for a couple of weeks, but no dry hopping, so no clogged dip tube! Delish!  Just as good as the one I brewed for the competition, I'm looking forward to drinking this all winter.  The caramel, roast and malt flavors are balanced perfectly, and it is a treat!  I took some to my friend Andy's house when we watched the Bears/Packers game this week, and it was great!
  • Czech Pilsner: I just kegged this last week and stuck it in my fridge to lager for a while.  Even when I kegged it, it was brilliantly clear, having been hanging in an unheated porch for the past couple of weeks after the fermentation completed.  All the yeast seems to have dropped out (well, most of it) and the flavor was pretty nice, with just a hint of DMS.  I'm  looking forward to the completion of lagering so I can start drinking it in ernest--probably around the middle of January. YUM!
I'm thinking about my next beer, which will probably be a honey porter, since I still have a bunch of Wayne's honey left.  The Tripel I made with it turned out great--I wish I had kept more of it!

Happy holidays to all, and great beer to you!


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